Divine Inspirations  provides One of a Kind, original Fine Art creations and Custom Applications that inspire others, evoke positive emotions, and bringing happiness into to others lives. Nothing brings me greater joy than for a creation to find it’s new perfect home, the place where it was born to reside.

Hello and Welcome!
My name is Christina, and I am a self-taught artist who has been experiencing creative moments for the majority of my life that expand through drawing, photography, calligraphy and painting.! I️ was born on a Naval base in Florida and raised in the great state of Wisconsin. My journey as an artist began many years ago when I was in High School. I spent all my free time in the Art Room or the Dark Room. I spent hours upon hours taking photos of the beauty found in nature. As an adult, Painting first started as a hobby. I fell in love with it and soon it became my obsession. Although, I enjoy the realistic painting of landscapes and florals, Abstract Painting has become my passion as it gives me freedom to express myself and allows creativity to blossom the most freely. Painting gives me such a wonderful sense of satisfaction when a beautiful piece emerges during the creative process. I love the emotions that can be conveyed through different colors. For example, there is a richness portrayed with the color of gold that resembles nobility or royalty. Blue conveys feelings of coolness and tranquility of the ocean waves and pools of water.

I often spend time trying different materials and experimenting with techniques. Due to the versatility, Acrylics are one of my favorites. Another Favorite of mine is Resin, as it is completely different in how you work with it and it seems to have a mind of its own. When you are creating with it, you must bend your own will to the fluidity of the resin creation. My paintings evoke different emotions and are inspired by the beauty found within nature. For me, creating art is all about inspiring, motivating and  bringing happiness to others.

Live Life Beautifully!